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Bin-2-Bin Cleaning is focused on creating a safer  and cleaner environment for you.


After using another company for almost 2 years I decided it was time to move on due to their lack of customer service. ( I could go on).
I gave these guys a whirl and so glad I did. My bins are clean! - cleaner than they ever have been.

        - Joanne, May '17


Our prices are competitive, and offer great value!  We provide fantastic bin cleaning in Winnipeg for an affordable cost!

Awesome service at a great price! Highly recommend calling them!!

           - Tanya, Aug. '17

These guys are amazing, left my bins spotless! So clean you can eat out of them, not that you would

          - Eric, Nov. '16


Saw him outside doing my neighbour's bin and I read about their service recently. Asked if he can do ours and he did. While in the process he was explaining to me what their cleaning and sanitizing process was. Carts looked brand new and smelled nice after.

       -Pactrick, Sept. '17

We clean wheelie bins, your driveway, even your garage and sidewalk!

We provide loading dock and dumpster cleaning and will work with you to provide the best service.